Welcome to Studio Goggin

Photographing street posters has been a passion of mine for over 30 years, from old advertising posters that have decayed and been overlayed many times to protest posters promoting powerful messages of dissent that have been ripped and torn, these collage walls create a wonderful aesthetic. Street posters are dirty, bleached and scratched most of the time, this gives the photograph a living character, as if it’s a part of the street. Today I use these images to create my Urban Language series. 

About Urban Language

I’m drawn to the endless accidental juxtoposition of type and image and sometimes lack of order within the urban environment and I think that’s where my ideas begin. I have studied and worked in graphic design, but I have always been drawn to photographing decaying street posters which inspires much of my design process. With a little sense of where I want to end up, I start to apply and overlay the photos until something concrete materializes. Random and unexpected compositions slowly become part of a larger, cohesive idea. I look for some sort of structure in something muddled and messy. It’s often initially very vague but eventually a solid idea develops and starts to appear on the screen.

Signed and numbered limited edition giclee prints.
on 315gsm photorag paper.
Size A2 (594 x 420mm) please contact me for any additional sizes.